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The Eight Great "I AM"s of Jesus Christ

In his gospel, the Apostle John records eight "I AM" statements that reveal critical information about who Christ is. Paired with the eight miracles also recorded in the book of John, we can gain insight into the true reality of our God and what He does for us today.

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The Real Story of Christ’s Birth

The story of Christ's birth has been overlaid with secular traditions and pagan trappings that obscure and confuse the facts of the original events. What lessons can a Christian take away once these layers of misinformation and falsehoods are stripped away?

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Hophni and Phinehas

The biblical examples of the sons of Eli are a warning of the consequences of refusing to follow the laws of God. In contrast, God perfectly motivates His children to obey Him and His laws.

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The Four Elements of the First Great Commandment

God requires the "everything" that is our being, dedicated completely to Him. This totality of our being is composed of four elements, our heart, our mind, our soul, and our strength. Understanding these core elements on the spiritual level helps us serve and worship God and align us to His...

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What does the bible say about obedience? What kind of importance does God put on obeying? How are we motivated to obey and to whom have we chosen to obey? Four points to gain a better understanding and appreciating the word, "Obey."

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